Word on the street.

"The unique reach of the TMap network has helped us land key strategic hires.  You can expect highly curated candidates with a focus on quality and fit. TMap is a ‘game changer’ for our businesses.”

Liz Huldin - EVP People + Organizational Capability, The Heritage Group

“TMap was able to help us fill a highly specialized role with a uniquely talented individual.  More impressively, they were able to recruit that individual back to Indiana from out of state. They truly are on a mission."

Josh Owens - CEO, SupplyKick

"TMap came in and really got know my business and spent a lot of time with me, understanding what our core values are, what we are trying to accomplish. I think that’s what makes TMap unique compared to most recruiters. Culture is the most important thing for our hiring. They put the work in to understand us, and they were able to represent our culture as they engaged talented people.

Jason Price - CEO, CoVideo